A way to quickly redeploy lambda scripts with live dev disabled

Hi. Is there a way to quickly redeploy the scripts for lambdas without having to have live dev enabled?

I’m optimising a lambda function and I need the code to be running on AWS, not locally but I’d like to reduce the amount of time it takes to redeploy the code each time I make a change. I’m using “sst start” but do not have “live dev” enabled, as doing that would invalidate the performance optimisations I’m working on.


It takes just over 4 mins for “sst start” to finish deploying the 1st time. When making a code change, to deploy the change I’m having to CTRL+C and then run “sst start” again.

I can deploy infrastructure changes by just pressing ENTER in the “sst start” process but the same doesn’t seem to apply to deploying a code change for a Lambda with “live dev” disabled?