App with no user Auth

I’m working familiarizing myself with AWS more by building this same app with no user auth but still be able to access AWS resources like DynamoDB and S3. I’m currently stuck trying to call the create API call. When I try to call it from the app, I get a 403 response error. What changes do I need to make to serverless.yml to allow the request to be satisfied?

Do I need still need these in my config.js?

  cognito: {
    REGION: ....,
    USER_POOL_ID: ....,
    APP_CLIENT_ID: ....,

I also modified Amplify.configure command to

  Auth: {
    manditorySignIn: false,
    // region: config.cognito.REGION,
    // userPoolId: config.cognito.USER_POOL_ID,
    // identityPoolId: config.cognito.IDENTITY_POOL_ID,
    // userPoolWebClientId: config.cognito.APP_CLIENT_ID,

To make HTTP requests to your API, you can just make regular http fetch calls on your client. You don’t need to use the Amplify lib.