Create a Hello World API

Looks like an issue with your AWS credentials? Can you check if you can make other calls to AWS with the AWS CLI?

How to make this in aws?

how to make this in aws and how to solved?

The code in this page is out of date with what gets generated via the steps on that page.

For example, there are now 3 routes in the sample β€œnotes” app that is created whereas this page says that there is only 1:

routes: {
      "GET /": "packages/functions/src/lambda.handler",
      "GET /todo": "packages/functions/src/todo.list",
      "POST /todo": "packages/functions/src/todo.create",

Hi. I am getting the following error when running pnpm sst dev - any ideas


Object.defineProperty(exports, "File", { 

TypeError: Cannot redefine property: File
    at Function.defineProperty (<anonymous>)

Ahhhh figure it out I was using a too recent node version changed from v20.6.0 to v18.18.0 (thanks Kai Yen)