Deploy the Resources Repo

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when you deploy the resources with the new sst setup, the table name does not contain “…-notes” anymore. Instead it’s some cryptic name. How would you define the table name.


Instead of specifying the exact table name in our serverless.yml, we import it.

I know, but where do we set it in the resources repo? Doesn’t seem to be set?

Would you need to set it in:

 const table = new dynamodb.Table(this, "Table", {
  billingMode: dynamodb.BillingMode.PAY_PER_REQUEST, // Use on-demand billing mode
  sortKey: { name: "noteId", type: dynamodb.AttributeType.STRING },
  partitionKey: { name: "userId", type: dynamodb.AttributeType.STRING },

and add

  tableName: 'your_tablename',


We just need to export the one that is automatically created.

Note the TableName export here and the import that we have in the serverless.yml.

You could hardcode it. But this way guarantees that won’t have any name collisions.