Error 403 - Create a Note

I’ve followed and tested the API of the tutorial, and I’m facing a problem.
I want to create a note with a file and a note, the note arrives in the DynamoDB database, but the file doesn’t arrive in my s3 bucket.
Does someone have an idea about this problem ?
Here is a screen of the error raise:

Last time when I got this code, the problem was in config.js I put “/” at the end of apiGateway.URL string. When I removed, everything worked!

Hello, Have you ckecked the permissions in IAM and S3 ? It seems that the access to the S3 bucket you are using is denied.

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It’s been a little while since I went through the tutorial but it seems to be a permissions issue and the 2 places you might want to look are:

  1. The serverless.yml and the dependencies under resources.
  2. An instructions for manually setting up S3 permissions.

In Part II of the tutorial much of this is automated for you since the tutorial show different ways of setting up the serverless environment (the first part is more manual to give you a better understanding).

Good luck!

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OH MY GOSH THANK YOU!!! This fixed my error! Thank you so much!!!

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