How to create a serverless GraphQL API with AWS AppSync

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Thank you for putting together this tutorial.

When using either GraphQl with AppSync, or Apollo GraphQl with Serverless, are subscriptions supported? I do not see a mention of them in either of the tutorials. Thanks!

They should be supported. We didn’t cover it in the example. If you run into any issue, join us in Slack!

Thanks Jayair! I am working on subscriptions and will let y’all know if I run into any issues.

Two small issues I ran into going through this tutorial:

  • ‘Note.ts’ does not exist when you follow the tutorial.
  • A couple of the files in the tutorial instruct to create .js instead of .ts, for example: Create a src/getNoteById.js .

I referenced the final repo to make sure I handled these right but thought I would let you know.

You are missing the src/Notes.ts. Of course, it’s on the GitHub repo, but for a beginner that’s not convenient.

Thanks @mkarsene and @njdullea. I made those changes.

Has anyone figured out how to consume subscriptions? I haven’t been able to? Ideally a solution without amplify would be amazing.

Thanks in advance