How to pause a serverless app on AWS?

Hello guys,

I would like to know from your experience about the faster day to pause a serverless app. Basically I am running a serverless-fw application on AWS and I am noticing some random spikes on my API so I would like to build a custom process for pausing the API (partially or completely) when my AWS Budget get’s on $XX USD

Do you have any recommendations?

Oh that’s interesting. I don’t think we’ve come across that use case. One way would be to disable the custom domain for the API if you have one?

Interesting, is not really a solution but more like a patch. I guess I’ve to fetch AWS’s API to figure out the actual cost and traffic and have a monitor running every minute or so and later disable the domain through Lambda’s API or something like that.

I was thinking on more like a real AWS integrated solution but after a few days digging there is nothing like that. (and I bet it’s intentional you know, they will charge you or shutdown your app if you cannot afford the invoice XD).

Yeah I haven’t come across anything for this.