Login with AWS Cognito

Running into an “Authentication Failed” alert while attempting to actually auth into the admin@example.com user we create earlier on in the tutorial.

Adding-auth-to-a-react-app branch of demo-notes-app repo:

[ERROR] 32:14.570 AuthError - 
            Error: Amplify has not been configured correctly. 
            The configuration object is missing required auth properties.
            This error is typically caused by one of the following scenarios:

            1. Did you run `amplify push` after adding auth via `amplify add auth`?
                See https://aws-amplify.github.io/docs/js/authentication#amplify-project-setup for more information

            2. This could also be caused by multiple conflicting versions of amplify packages, see (https://docs.amplify.aws/lib/troubleshooting/upgrading/q/platform/js) for help upgrading Amplify packages.

^^snippet of error from Chrome console after attempting to send off a login request. This occurs for any username / password combo, and I have 100% confirmed the user exists and is confirmed in Cognito via the AWS UI / Dashboard.

Was curious to see if anyone else had run into this previously / had any thoughts?


Resolved issue :see_no_evil: forgot to update package.json to include sst-env after re-generating the react app dir at some point (frontend dir)

Change needed detailed here: