Amplify Auth error

I’m following the Guide and I hit this error that I’m not sure how to solve
when I get to chapter13, Login with AWS Cognito Loging with AWS Cognito

I get the error below
the provided links in the error are telling me to do amplify push and all sort of stuff that is not in the guide. Not sure if this is because the login page is not taking the configuration from the index page

Any ideas ?

[ERROR] 00:40.680 AuthError - 
            Error: Amplify has not been configured correctly. 
            The configuration object is missing required auth properties.
            This error is typically caused by one of the following scenarios:

            1. Did you run `amplify push` after adding auth via `amplify add auth`?
                See for more information

            2. This could also be caused by multiple conflicting versions of amplify packages, see ( for help upgrading Amplify packages.

It got solved by restarting sst env and the react app