Sharing s3 attachments?

I have a file sharing app where users upload files and share them with another member type. I’ve followed the (excellent) notes tutorial and I’m uploading with the Amplify API Storage.vault.put and Storage.vault.get … which I understand is per-user permissions based on the userId (using Cognito for authenticatoin) — I wonder how to grant read access to another type of user? I don’t want to make them public with Storage.put but it doesn’t seem like Storage.vault is the right approach. Any ideas? Thanks!

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So Storage.vault.get gives you a publicly accessible link. You can restrict it by time if you want. You can read more here -

The only thing here is that one user cannot get the download URL for another user. So for your case, you’ll need to make this call inside a Lambda function, where you can run this using Admin permissions.