Social Login with Cognito

Do you have any guidance on integrating social login (i.e. Facebook) via Cognito identity provider into this solution?

Ooh this is great timing. We just published a chapter on this:

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Thanks Jay! I was able to set up facebook login using your docs. I must note on the docs, there was a typo in the config parameter in app.js ( rather than and it needed to state to include the config file on top. The code in gihub contains the correct information. I also noticed that it creates a separate ‘user’ (as shown in DynamoDB) than the one in my user pool even though I’m using the same email. Is there a way to synch those users with the same email? Also, when I refresh the page it kills the session and makes me log in again. if I log in using the user in the user pool refresh maintains the session. Otherwise I would have to say this is one of the best end-to-end serverless tutorials I have come across!