Best Front End Analytics Options? Amazon Pinpoint with Amplify Analytics?

Hey all,

I hope this is the right place for this. I am looking to gather metrics from the front end user experience. I see that amplify has some analytics as shown here:

I could add this to my front end repo, but it seems like it would be more appropriate for the back end given that is where the rest of the cfts live. What are others doing? Does the serverless stack team have plans to support AWS Amplify Auth in the future?


Oh that’s interesting. Personally I don’t have enough experience with using Pinpoint. But if there is enough interest we’ll look into adding it.

If this is something that you look to bake into Serverless-stack, please let me know how I can contribute. I currently implemented pinpoint in my amplify app, and can’t say the metrics are terribly useful, but hopefully I’m using it wrong, lol

Honestly, that was my impression as well. We ended up using some of the other better Analytics offerings out there.