Creating a CI/CD pipeline for React

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This page mentioned that Travis CI or Circle CI would get covered in a different chapter. I wasn’t able to find the chapter (could be user error). Does it exist? Or is that planned for a future release?

It’s planned for the future.

Why not deploy frontend on Amplify itself?

The guide was written before Amplify was created. And Netlify has been a great service.

If somebody wants to submit a PR with Amplify hosting, we’d love to publish it.

PR for the amplify documentation?

I mean a PR for a new chapter to the guide going over how to deploy on Amplify.

Right now we don’t really use Amplify for a whole lot other than the JavaScript libraries on the frontend. We found that keeps it a lot more simpler and easier to understand when you know exactly what you are using all these libraries for. It also allows you to customize them in the future more easily.