Co-ordinate deployments across Seed and Netlify

How should I go about synchronizing the deployment process between the lambda functions and react app in the cases where deploying one first would break the other until the other is published with new changes.

Okay, could introduce a staging branch in the seed deployment pipeline which connects to production database and a new staging branch in netlify speaks with the staging branch of seed. And then use the blue-green deployment method to redirect the traffic as mentioned here blue-green method

This is a fairly complicated problem. In the short term you can fix it by co-ordinating deploys but in the long run I think it’s better to keep the deployment separate. Meaning your backend API would need to support requests from older clients for some time before you deprecate them. You run into this when working on mobile app clients for example, where you can’t really co-ordinate deployments.

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Thanks for the response @jayair.
Yes, agree that it would be a problem in the cases such as mobile app clients.
Going through serverless forums if I could find any information regarding the implementation of the approach that you mentioned, supporting multiple versions of requests.
Any particular links that I should be looking at?

Hmm there isn’t anything serverless specific to it. It’s just experience with running some apps in production. You end up having to design for APIs that will be slowly deprecated.

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