Seed deployments for the React client

Hello- Any way to setup the React client with Seed, instead of using Netlify? I want to minimize multiple CI tools and I do not like the idea of Netlify hosting my frontend. Thanks

I am also looking for solution not to use netlify and just use Seed. Host the websites on AWS S3.

After thinking through this, it is not possible to host on Seed now. Seed really specializes in serverless (lambda) deployments, that works nicely with AWS. Every deployment it creates namespaced resources in AWS (e.g. ‘dev-myDynamodb’, ‘prod-myLamda’. But the point is, it uses AWS for the hosting of these and it specializes in serverless, hence the centric serverless.yml file in your repo root.

Netlify is can provide you multiple environments, configured through their API, because you commit to hosting on their servers, where they can spin-up new environments. And in return you get those pipeline tools, diffs, rollbacks, etc…

Each of these CI tools has their own benefits and drawbacks.

Solution: Look into using AWS Code Suite (CodeBuild, CodePipeline) for building other environments for your React app. I ended up basically creating a new S3 bucket to host my ‘dev’ deployment. I am currently working through the deployment file (buildspec.yml) and getting used to it. So far this approach is working nicely and the AWS Code Suite is nicely integrated with your other AWS services used in this tutorial and should do most everything found in Netlify or others.

Hope this helps.

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Yup that basically covers it!