Configure the AWS CLI on Linux

Using popOS linux with python 2.7 and 3.7 installed, the sudo pip install awscli command will return an error with “pip not found.” Since python is native on linux, I don’t think this is a question of pip not being installed but rather a security thing? I’ve seen forum responses that using pip outside of a virtual environment is not safe, and perhaps this is why I can’t install the awscli from the linux terminal.

The amazon documentation says that another option is installing the awscli in a virtual environment which I guess means that I would have to do everything in this course within a python virtual environment. If I do this, will it make anything else in the course more challenging?

EDIT: I found out that I must use “sudo apt install” to install the programs. Not sure if this should be updated in the course material or not.

What was the set of commands you used to install the CLI?

I used “sudo apt install awscli.” I think apt is preferred for ubuntu-based linux, but my knowledge of this is minimal to say the least.