Connect Serverless Framework and CDK with SST

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Just dropping this here for anyone that had the same issue as me in VS Code
If cfn-lint does not recognize custom variables such as !ImportValue, this should fix your issue

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Awesome. Thanks for sharing!

Just got here, and, in the process of following the tutorial pretty closely, I don’t have a services/notes/resources/ directory, let alone a services/notes/resources/cognito-policy.yml file.

I do have a /resources directory at the same level as the /infrastructure and /services directories, but all that’s in there is the api-gateway-errors.yml (created in the Handle API Gateway CORS Errors chapter). I’m guessing that, at the mv tests libs mocks node_modules services/notes step in the Getting Production Ready chapter, I should have also moved the resources directory (i.e. change the mv command to mv tests libs mocks node_modules resources services/notes)?

Also, if this is indeed the first time we’re touching the cognito-policy.yml file, it might be more clear to indicate that we’re creating the file in this chapter rather than just updating it? That said, I may have missed its creation somewhere along the way too…


I think you might’ve been following an older version of the guide from before? Are you using the PDF or the web version?

Hi, is it possible to reference a user pool created by sst in serverless.yml? More details here reference cognito user pool created by sst (serverless-stack) in serverless.yml - Stack Overflow

FIgured it out, Answered in stackoverflow