Create note API

I’m new to AWS and I have googled my question like there’s no tomorrow so any help will be appreciated. I’m following this tutorial to have sign up, log in and log out features in it as well as to save data that I obtain from a third party API for each user. So I’ll try to explain this a bit better without boring you and keeping it relevant to my question. Basically, I’m using a movie api to generate random movies and the user has two options: yes or no (rustic, I know). This is where I need help: If the user clicks yes, I want the info of the movie to be saved to their user. This can be compared to this note app when the user creates a note it saves to its user and has a unique id etc etc. However, this tutorial uses an input and what’s saved in AWS is the event.body (see create note api lesson). My app doesn’t have an input form, instead it has two buttons, the title (request.body.Title), and other info about the movie. How can I save the request.body.Title (and perhaps the poster too) to each of their user data? Thank you for your help !

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Hmm this doesn’t really have much to do with forms. The create note API is for handling any POST requests. So you can send the input from buttons or anything else you want.