Feedback on tutorial nav

Thanks so much for the amazing tutorial !!! —

One area where I missed important content was the resource links down at the bottom of the page. My brain has been trained by (too many) bad websites to block out and ignore ads. As a result, it wasn’t until about 10 pages into the guide that I found the navigation links for previous/next-page all the way at the bottom. I simply didn’t see them because I had blocked out that whole area as containing “ads”. BTW - I’m not opposed to ads, but I unconsciously scan/read them differently than article content.

Second, I never found the link for “Backend Source” code examples, …which was a loss for me and would have helped me several times when I got stuck. That link is also located among the “ads” at the bottom, and furthermore only appears on some pages – the first appearance is around 10-15 pages into the guide(?) and sporadically after that. If it was included up at the bottom of the article content it might dramatically increase click-through for that item, helping readers discover when it appears, and potentially be an even more impactful resource.

Moving the nav and “help and discussion” links up above the “ads” might increase usage. It’s possible that clickthrough on the “ad” elements would not be negatively impacted.
Thanks again for the outstanding work!!!

Attached is an hack illustration of what I’m struggling to describe…

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Oh this totally makes sense. Thanks for pointing it out. Appreciate the mockup as well!

I wholeheartedly agree. I never saw the previous/next links and literally read through every page of the guide in the past 2 weeks.

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Yup I’ll be moving it up soon.

I moved things around, so it should be more sensible now. Thanks for the feedback guys!