What PDF ? Gave my email and nothing

Your front page has the orange button GET THE PDF.

“Download this guide as a 640 page PDF!”

So I gave my email, get the feedback “Thanks for subscribing!” and nothing…
Where is the PDF ? (I have already checked the junk folder for the pdf, etc)

  • a great guide to read online nevertheless.

Hmm you should have gotten an email titled “Serverless Stack PDF” with a link to download it. I’ll message you the link.

Hi even I gave my email and didn’t get PDF. Can you please share it with me too?

Same here. Did not see a link

I’ve seen a couple of people get the email sent to their spam folder. Can you check there? If not let me know and I’ll PM the link to you.

Received the e-mail. It was in my “Spam” folder. Thanks.

It might be helpful to state that when the e-mail address is provided that an e-mail will be sent from "contact@anomalyinnovations.com" that will provide the PDF link.

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Oh good call. Thanks for pointing it out.

hey there,

nothing in my spam folder and nowhere 🤷

tried it a few times with the correct email address…

Just sent you a private message.

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Thank you very much! Awesome that it’s mobile/ebook optimized :+1: what could be the reason it’s not being sent? :thinking:

Not sure. Maybe you had signed up in the past and it’s not resending it.