Help us translate Serverless Stack

We would like to make Serverless Stack accessible to everybody around the world. And we need your help translating the guide.

Thanks to one of our readers, Bernardo Bugmann, Serverless Stack is already being translated to Portuguese!

If you would like to help out with our translation efforts, please add a comment below. Or you can read our guide and get started right away!

I can tackle Spanish.

I can help with German. I will have a look at the guide :ok_hand:

That’s awesome guys. Thanks for offering to help.

@vieko for Spanish, we can start by fixing the translation on this page. Currently it is just Google translated - You can simply edit it and submit a PR.

@christiankaindl Let me know once you are ready and I’ll set up a chapter to translate?

Btw, you can join our chatroom here as well -

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I am ready right now, so that sounds great to me :slight_smile:

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Awesome! Thank you. I’ll set up the German version of the What is Serverless chapter over the weekend and you can edit that.

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@christiankaindl I set it up so you can get started on German translations. To start with you can edit this chapter’s google translated version.

Once, you are done with that I can help you set up any other chapters that you want to translate.

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Thanks! I will start right away :slight_smile:

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you got it @jayair! I’ll get going.

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I can help with French :fr: if needed :wink:

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Thank you! Just replied to your PR.

I’m intending to follow the guide quite soon, so I should be able to help with french :slight_smile:

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Awesome! Thank you! We could definitely use more contributions.

I’ll translate chapters in a chronological order and commit them one by one on a forked repo. Do you want me to submit PRs every time I add chapters or would you rather a consolidated PR?

Thank you! Either way works!

Hey guys, loved your work. How the hell are you doing this for free? Ahah

Would be glad to help translating to Portuguese, at least the parts that still aren’t done!
I’m Portuguese though, and I’ve noticed the chapters that are translated are in Brazilian Portuguese. If that’s OK (it would be fine for me if it was me reading), I can help whenever I have spare time.

Thanks! In that case would it make more sense to have a separate Portuguese translation on top of the Brazilian one?

I think this guide is owesome.
I can translate to Japanese, as I coporate with others. do you have plan to create Japanese-translated page?

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Thank you!

Yes we would love to have a Japanese version. Can you join our chatroom and I can help you get started?

I can translate into Turkish as soon as finish the guide