Logged in but get 500 error when trying to CRUD

Hi Like the project and it is very well put together.
So I have completed the react portion of the project and can login and out fine. But after i login and get redirected to the home page I get a 500 error message saying resource unavailable after the app makes the GET notes call. This happens when I try to create an new note as well. the only api endpoint that works is the billing.

I have been able to do all api calls fine in the command line but once I was able to test with react it will not work. Now I have already looked in my DynamoDB table and there are notes in saved in there. I have also tried the debugging actions with the IAM Simulator and I passed that test.

Right now I am at a loss on where to look for a solution. Any ideas on where to hunt this bug?

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Since it’s a 500 error, it is being generated in our Lambda code. I would add some console.log statements and check the Lambda logs to see what is going on.