Multiple Services within an SST Monorepo

The SST tutorial’s chapter on Organizing Serverless Project proposes an approach of separating our codebase into two repos: one SST repo with all the infra, and another repo for services which uses Serverless Framework (not at the root, but with one serverless.yaml per service). If we want to take advantage of live lambda reloading, and other SST advantages for our service code, but like the structuring of the service repo into individual projects, is there an accepted best practice/ recommended approach to structuring our API/ services repo? Here’s what SST docs say on the sst.config.ts:

“While it’s defined as a TypeScript file, it should not be treated as a subpackage in a monorepo setup. It is a root level config used for managing your entire application.”

I assume this discourages creating service folders each with their own SST project.