NextJsSite deployment

Hi guys,

I made small nextjs site just to try serverless stack. It using apigateway, lambda and DynamoDB.
Everything working fine on local environment, all connections and integrations are fine.
However as soon as I decided to deploy it production with command:

npx sst deploy --stage prod

I’m getting some strange error:

prod-nextjs-app-my-stack | CREATE_IN_PROGRESS | Custom::SSTBucketDeployment | SiteS3Deployment00C6B5D8 | Resource creation Initiated
prod-nextjs-app-my-stack | CREATE_FAILED | Custom::SSTBucketDeployment | SiteS3Deployment00C6B5D8 | Received response status [FAILED] from custom resource. Message returned: invalid request. Missing key 'Status' (RequestId: 12ae2cef-0125-4a09-8da4-4d8cfeffb2ab)
prod-nextjs-app-my-stack | ROLLBACK_IN_PROGRESS | AWS::CloudFormation::Stack | prod-nextjs-app-my-stack | The following resource(s) failed to create: [SiteS3Deployment00C6B5D8]. Rollback requested by user.

I already googled but did not find any solution for that.
Maybe someone here have similar error and know how to solve it?

Thank you!