Some Questions before diving in (SSR & Db)

Hello there,

First of all thanks for this amazing work. This tutorial is one of the best resources ever found online and it’s amazing.

I am already playing around with it but now I am considering using it for a larger scale, real-life to production, project. Some questions are arising and I would like to have your opinion:

  • Is there an (easy?) way to integrate Server Side Rendering in this project. If yes what’s the strategy you’d recommend?
  • My project will be data-intensive, a lot of data which are quite simply structured (list of shops, list of products, list of …) and as far as I know SQL databases are doing better at this. However, I think dynamoDB is great and I was wondering if there is a risk in performance over time if I go for dynamoDB ?

Looking forward to your feedback.


There are some solutions for SSR but I’m not completely familiar with them.

For Dynamo, it scales incredibly well and far better than all the SQL databases out there. However, the downside is that the data modeling is different. I think this guide does a good job of helping you learn more -

For the SSR, react-snap seems like a promising (easy?) approach with CRA: The blog post linked there leverages some other packages for SEO like react-helmet.

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That’s pretty cool. Thanks for sharing!