SST Console - Stuck on Syncing metadata

Hello, really enjoying SST!

I seem to be stuck on one one issue, the SST console is stuck on ‘Syncing metadata’…
Network log shows this as failing POST https://localhost:13557/proxy/`


  • Firefox 110.0.1 (deleted & reinstalled via brew)
    • disabled adBlocker
  • SST v2.0.38
  • aws cli (aws s3 ls returns stuff)
  • followed the steps in SST Console | SST
  • I also tried Chrome and FF in Private

I ran npx sst console in the root of my project (project deploys to AWS fine) and I get a loading screen with the message ‘Syncing Metadata’ - seems like its strying to connect to something but can’t…

Any help would be appreciated!

Answering my own post…

I’m not sure why it didn’t occur to me before and I suspect this might be a common problem…

It’s definitely something to do with the SST cli not terminating correctly.
Run the command to kill all PID using node.
lsof -t -c node | xargs kill -9

If this doesn’t work restart your laptop.