SST vs Serverless Framework for TypeScript Functions

First off, nice work on SST and the guide. It’s been a huge help!

I am going to create a GraphQL api in TypeScript with TypeGraphQL. I can accomplish this with the serverless-bundle plugin for the Serverless Framework but was wondering, seeing as I will be using SST for shared infrastructure, if SST is capable of bundling typescript lambda functions like I can with the serverless framework + webpack. If I can get rid of the dependency on the Serverless Framework and switch solely to SST, that would make my life easier, giving me the ability to have my entire project in TypeScript.

EDIT: After giving this a go, it seems like because functions are packaged with esbuild which doesn’t allow for certain tsconfig.json options such as emitDecoratorMetadata, TypeGraphQL is incompatible which relies on decorators. If there was a way to bundle functions in another way with SST, then that would be awesome.

Hi there! Thanks for the kind words!

Can I bother you to open a new issue for this —

We’d like to support this for sure!

Here you go #168

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