Upgrading SST and Node

I’ve got a couple of simple SST applications in production through SEED. They’ve been running happily, but now it is time to upgrade SST and Node.

I’m not seeing anything in the documentation about how to do so safely. Before I go ahead and break something, I just thought I’d ask if I’m missing where this is documented, or if anybody has any recommendations.

Too be clear, I’m looking for general strategies to avoid breaking production.

Half answering my own question: Upgrading SST is easy enough, just npx sst update 2.40.1. The upgrade guide has some details on what may need to be changed with each release.

Node seems easy enough, especially if one is using nvm, but I’m not seeing any guidance on what version is best. Most of the examples generated by create-sst seem to want v18, so I’m assuming that is best for now.