What about Websockets?

Just a curious question … how do you handle websocket communication with serverless? I notice that the seed console must have some type of out-of-band communication channel - I am assuming its websocket based. When a git checkin is made the gear automatically appears … if seed.run is built on serverless (I am assuming it is) how would something like that be possible. Some articles on the web discuss this … some folks are using aws iot as it uses mqtt over websockets. I guess you could use a 3rd party service like pubnub … or you could setup a container using the elastic container service on aws and run a web sockets server in the container but then you’re back into DevOps and having to manage scalling etc …

Can someone help shed some light on this for me?

As you mentioned, I’ve also seen it done with AWS IoT. There are a few open-source examples, such as here: https://github.com/danilop/serverless-chat , and here: https://github.com/aws-samples/aws-iot-chat-example

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Using the IoT examples are the best ones I’ve seen so far as well.