When will PDF be updated?

I signed up to receive the PDF on Jul 19, 2019. The same day, I received the link to the PDF dated Feb 1, 2019 - v3.3.3. It contains a lot of outdated information and it took me a while to realize that the online version is very different, especially in the section: “Set up the Serverless Framework/Add support for ES6/ES7 JavaScript.”

I realize that this is a living document that changes often. I’d be happy to help generate new versions of the PDF but I don’t have access to a Mac. Are you planning to update it soon?

Yeah we just did! You should’ve gotten an email today with the updated PDF.

We are also working on making the PDF generating step a part of our build process. So in the future it’ll always be up to date.

Thanks Jay.

I am really enjoying working through the tutorial. I paid for a video course from Udemy and it wasn’t half as good as this!

I’ll continue to suggest changes where I find outdated material.

Thanks again!


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That’s awesome to hear! I’m glad you are finding the guide helpful!