Why not 100% AWS native?

Why don’t you demonstrate how to build a system using 100% AWS native services?

For example:
Use Cloud9 for the development and store the code in CodeCommit and use CodePipeline for the CI/CD. Update the cloudFoundation to include setup of CloudWatch and KMS for better encryption management. Would be great to see the AWS API-GW used instead of React. Instead of directly uploading to S3, use the API-GW to filter through the data (for security) before pushing the files to S3. Step-Functions could be employed to manage more complex tasks instead of using single lambda scripts. There’s probably more, but it’s already 1am here in Japan…

Hi there, our goal isn’t really to create a guide for AWS specific services. We want to create a setup for a full-stack Serverless app that is easy to develop, deploy, and monitor. And unfortunately most of AWS’ services are not very developer friendly.

We are however open to creating specific extra credit chapters for some of those services.