Working through Tutorial

When following these kinds of tutorials, are you copy+pasting or trying to type the code up yourself? Typing the code definitely helps develop the programming muscles better but I’m trying to strike a balance between speed and understanding…

Hey Hai-der,

I only became a Full Stack Developer about 6 months ago. I started a bootcamp full-time for 12 weeks. I was truly new to coding and had no idea what to do.

  1. The best tip I got from other mentors are to always type out the code so that you can start building muscle memory.
  2. Coding is a different language, it’s like writing a book after learning a brand new language. You need to know how proper syntax, indentations, coding structure, etc… It’s like learning grammar, sentence structure, etc…
  3. I find copying and pasting, you aren’t really learning anything because you won’t make any mistakes versus typing it out and reading what you type. Biggest benefit with learning is to make mistakes, so that you can find out your mistaken and learn.

Hopefully this little short message will provide some guidance to you Hai-der!
All that is my own opinion and feels, everyone is always different though