How to set runtime parameter of python for sst app?

When I run npm run deploy -- --stage=production I get the following error:

   ReactSite-sebastian/S3Uploader: Resource handler returned message: "The runtime parameter of python3.7 is no longer supported for creating or updating AWS Lambda funct
ions. We recommend you use the new runtime (python3.12) while creating or updating functions. (Service: Lambda, Status Code: 400, Request ID: 06729a42-d421-4cb1-8ed8-7982f15c39cf)" (RequestToken: 9805f32c-22a1-dc80-a13c-9874c541cb11, HandlerErrorCode: InvalidRequest)


export default {
    config(input) {
        const PROFILE: Record<string, string> = {
            dev: "staging",
            production: "production",
            default: "admin",

        console.log("stage:", input.stage, input);

        return {
            name: "sst-app",
            region: "eu-central-1",
            profile: "default",
            stage: input.stage,
    stacks(app: App) {
            runtime: "nodejs18.x",
            architecture: "arm_64",

        // Remove all resources when non-prod stages are removed
        if (app.stage !== "production") {

} satisfies SSTConfig

The funny thing is that I dont even use python for lambda functions, I only use typescript for lambda functions. I think it might have gotten confused by my single utility python files that reside in my project.