No Output after refactoring

After refactoring the code in create.js
My serverless returns no output.
Failure or not.
Console.log is also not returning.

I’ve done SLS_DEBUG=* and it shows me nothing new.

Anyone else has had this problem?
I even copy and pasted all the code in the tutorial.

I am using serverless version 1.67 (latest)
and I am on OSX Mojave

More info in the serverless forums:

so far, your code no problem. show serverles.yml, mocks/get-event.json code and inject console.log(error) in catch.

try {

} catch(error) {

I did that and nothing would show even when i purposefully failed it.

but it works now. i think something in my yaml must’ve been off cause after re-doing it that

That’s really weird. Did you figure out what caused it?

nope never found it out. just started working.

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