Terminal isn’t returning responses

I was fully into developer mode, testing my code with local mocks, and suddenly my serverless command didnt return anything anymore, also the previous ones which were working minutes ago, now don’t work…
If i now try this command, serverless logs -f hello, it says ‘This command can only be run in a Serverless service directory. Make sure to reference a valid config file in the current working directory if you’re using a custom config file’, while im clearly in the correct serverless project folder…

How do i get this up and running again?

Hmmm are you running this command in a directory with a serverless.yml file?

Hi Jay, thanks for your reply!
Yes, in this directory I have my serverless.yml… that’s why I was so confused

Hmm I’m not sure what’s going on. You might have to post this over on the Serverless forums and ask them.