Setting up Your Project on Seed

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unlike the example - in my situation I have multiple serverless projects inside one folder. (They all use an env.yaml from the top level) Can this work in seed ?

The mono-repo pattern (multiple serverless services inside a single repo) is supported in Seed but it is currently in beta. You can select this option when you first add your project in Seed. This pattern will be covered in the future but for now you can send us an email if you are running into any issues.

@Seed @2. Add a service

We could not find a serverless.yml in the project root . Try a different path?

I am getting that error message although the serverless.yml is in the project root.

Hmm that really shouldn’t happen. Is your GitHub repo public?

Hi, thank you for getting back to me.

Nope, the GitHub repo is not public. It is private.

Oh in that case, can you private message the link to the app on Seed? We’ll take a look.

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In the guide you state “You should create a separate IAM user with exact permissions that your project needs.” Do you have an example IAM user policy with the permissions required by this demo? Thanks

Yeah this depends on the permissions your project needs but we have a basic one here —