Signing requests

Im trying to change the front end from react to angular, but I’m facing an issue with the requests that is sent to add, get,list, delete a note, I have been reading about this topic and I found that I need to sign my request, going through this tutorial I managed to use API.get with only API.get(‘notes’,’/notes’), but in angular its throwing an error that says this method takes three parameters(‘apiName’,‘path’,init ) and I need to send Authentication, x-aws-date and token to be authenticated, other wise it will not access the api.

So im wondering how did you use API.get without signing the request and sending the required headers? and how come yours takes only two params not three?

I’m not quite familiar with Angular but does the Amplify docs on this help? -

The requests are being signed currently by Amplify. We used to sign them in an older version of this guide.